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Catalog AEG\Tokyo Marui AEGs (Japan)
Name Marui HK NP5 RAS AEG 1434
Description Marui HK NP5 RAS AEG
-Gear Box: Version 2
-Motor: EG-700
-Magazine: 50 Rounds
-Length: 502mm / 732mm
-Barrel Length: 229mm
-Hop Up: Adjustable
-BB Size: 6mm
-Veiocity: 270 FPS
-Batteries: 8.4V Mini Type
Package Includes: AEG, Manual, Magazine, Loader, Cleaning Rod And 200 pcs 0.25 BBs
Weight 2450g
Price US$ 407.00

UN Company Comment
Higher Voltage Battery For Upgrade: 1100mAh 9.6V Special Type (Twins) ( Modification And Fusedbox Removal Required )

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- TM MP5 SD6-MBK-02 US$ 150.00 Include
- G&P P60 US$ 47.00 Include
- Marui MP5 200Rds Magazine US$ 39.00 Include
- Rifle Case 011 US$ 20.00 Sold Out
- Mag Pouch-015 US$ 28.00 Include
- Infinity-03 US$ 16.00 Discont'
- Marui- Knights Silencer US$ 54.00 Sold Out

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