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Prohibitions on Sending Lithium Batteries by Post
According to the international postal regulations, lithium batteries as one of the dangerous goods, are prohibited from transmission through the postal channel. To step up with the postal security so as to ensure that mail in transport does not present danger during transmission, the restriction on lithium batteries is extended to cover surface mail with effective from 19 October 2015.

E&L Airsoft AKS74 NV (Gen.2) Full Steel AEG
WE T.A 2015 (P90/BK) GBB SMG
WE T.A 2015 (P90/DE) GBB SMG
WE T.A 2015 (P90/BK) GBB SMG
WE G17 T12 (OD/SV/OD) G-Force GBB Pistol
Airsoft Surgeon RWA 0.28g ABS Precision Grade BBs (4000Rds/bag)
UAC M&P9 Tactical Trigger (BK) for Marui M&P9 GBB Series
GUNSMITH BROS. SV (SV) Mag. Catch for Marui Hi-Capa Series
GUNSMITH BROS. STI DVC Open Slide (BK/GD) Set for Marui Hi-Capa Series
Guarder (M1911-19) Stainless Outer Barrel

- UN Custom-KJ M9 (CO2) w/ Steel Slide & Hogue 92F Lamo Camo Hardwood Grips Airsoft GBB Pistol
- UN Custom-Hi-Capa 5.1 Infinit Hero (2T/GD/2T) GSB Version
- UN Custom-Marui H&K USP Compact Metal Version (Detonator/Black)
- UN Custom-KJ M9 (CO2) with Steel Slide & M92F Grip Airsoft GBB Pistol
- UN Custom-Marui G18C with G34 (Black) Alum. Slide Version
- UN Custom-ZEV Style Marui Glock 18C w/ Threaded Barrel (Silver Barrel / Black Slide)
- UN Custom-Metal Hi-Capa 5.1 Ballistic Slide with Spiral Fluted Barrel (2Tone/Gold/.40 S&W)
- UN Custom-Metal Hi-Capa 5.1 with 1911-A1 Springfield marking (Black)
- UN Custom-Marui M&P9 Pistol (Detonator Costa Ver.)
- UN Custom-Full Metal M9FS INOX (Silver/Marui Ver.)
- UN Custom-Full Metal M9A1 (Black/Marui Ver.)
- UN Custom-Full Metal M92 Elite II (2 Tone/Marui Ver.)
- UN Custom-H&K HK45 Metal Version (Detonator/Black/Marui Ver.)
- UN CUSTOM-Marui M870 Tactical RAS Shotgun
- UN Custom-H&K HK45 Metal Version (Detonator/Black/KWA Ver.)
- PTS Masada Aluminum Alloy (Black) Handguard for Masada GBB/ACR
- King Arms Silencer Adapter For Marui MP5K PDW
- King Arms Pistol Stand - KSC Glock Series
- King Arms M16 Series 120 Rds Magazine Box Set
- King Arms Folding 5-Position Tactical Grip
- King Arms Display Stand for AEG - M4/M16
- King Arms M1A1 Series 110 Rounds Magazine Box Set
- King Arms MP40 Series 110 Rounds Magazine Box Set
- King Arms Ver.II Front Wiring Complete Gearbox for M4 Series -M190
- King Arms Bolt catch for bolt lock system M4
- Western Arms M4 Bulls Eye Inner Barrel with Hop-Up Set
- Guarder Aluminum Slide & Frame for MARUI MEU.45 (Black)
- VFC MP5/G3 Low Profile Scope Mount for VFC MP5 Series GBBR
- LCT AK Upper Rail System
- GHK Bolt Carrier for GKM GBB
- Umarex COLT SAA (GH/6mm/Antique Black) CO2 Metal Revolver (Limited)
- Umarex COLT SAA (GH/6mm/Blued) CO2 Metal Revolver (Limited)
- Marui Glock34 GBB Pistol (Pre-Order)
- GK Tactical 14Rds Extended G42 Magazine
- GK Tactical 12Rds Standard G42 Magazine
- GK Tactical G42 GBB Pistol
- Marushin MA.TE.BA (Black/Heavy Weight/Wood Grip) Revolver 6mm X-Cartridge Series
- Marui U.S. M9 GBB Pistol
- Umarex / VFC G28 AEG DX (ASIA Edition/Limited)
- Guarder KM 6.01 Inner Barrel for Marui DE50
- Guarder KM 6.01 Inner Barrel for Marui CAPA 5.1/1911/MEU
- Guarder KM 6.01 Inner Barrel for Marui G17/G18C/P226
- GUARDER Stainless Hammer Bearing for Marui G17/26 GBB Pistol
- Guarder (GLOCK-87A) Steel Rear Chassis for Marui Glock 17/35 GBB Pistol
- ANGRY GUN SOCOM762 Dummy Silencer (LONG/DE/14mm CCW) w/ Flash Hider
- ANGRY GUN SOCOM762 Dummy Silencer (LONG/BK/14mm CCW) w/ Flash Hider
- ANGRY GUN SOCOM556 Dummy Silencer (Short/DE/14mm CCW) w/ Flash Hider
- ANGRY GUN SOCOM556 Dummy Silencer (SHORT/BK/14mm CCW) w/ Flash Hider
- WII TECH M40A5 (VFC) CNC Fluted Outer Barrel & Spacers
- KWA Cylinder & Jet Nozzle Set for KWA/Umarex HK45 GBB
- Marui M4A1 MWS GBB Rifle (Pre-Order)
- Gun Heaven M1887 (Wood) T2 Shotgun
- WII TECH M40A5 (VFC) CNC Hardened Steel Roller Trigger
- WII TECH P226 (KSC) CNC Hardened Steel Takedown Lever
- WII TECH P226 / P226E2 (Marui) CNC Hardened Steel Takedown Lever
- Maple Leaf ESD Hop Up (80) Tensioner Set for KSC
- S&T 22rd Spare Magazine for M870 Spring Cocking Shotgun
- HEPHAESTUS Recoil Power Kit for PTS/KWA Masada GBBR
- RA-Tech CNC 7075 Aluminum GHK AK Hop Up Assembly for GHK AK GBB Series
- GHK M4 Replacement Part (No.M4-09) Original Parts

Disclaimer to US customers:
All airsoft guns are sold with an orange tip. It is illegal to remove the orange tip. Removing the orange tip will void your warranty. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any airsoft gun. We are not responsible for any harm or accident caused by any misuse of these airsoft guns.

Notes to international customers:
The customer is responsible for complete awareness of rules and regulations particular to their country regarding airsoft items. UNCompany will try our best to follow customers instructions.

Please also see our Terms and Conditions page


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UN Special-G&G G-10-042-PM5

GUNSMITH BROS. STI (SV) Grip Safety for Marui Hi-Capa Series

5KU-164 EPS. Steel (CCW) 556 Flash Hider for Airsoft Gun

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