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Many people think that all the businessmen are aiming in making profit.  Of course, we are also think that is right.  If a businessman tells you that he is not aiming in making profit, he must tell a lie.  Are we right?  The most important is that how is the businessman's view.

Our view is we love guns, we love wargame.  We hope to apply our professional skill to benefit the others who like us to love the guns and wargame.  We are aiming to promote these activities to all over the world.  We wish to promote these activities through the Internet, which is no limits to all people in the world, just need to have a computer.

     NEVER GIVE UPis the phases that we always say.  We believe that there has a solving method in all the difficult problems, just depends on how much efforts and attends that we are putting into the case.  Besides, we believe that if we cannot solve the problems in the meantime, we can solve the problems in the future.  Experience can make us more mature.  Once we can accumulate the experience that we have, we can solve our problems.  Because of this belief, we sure that we can use our experience to make our products to become excellent.

Also, TRY OUR BEST is the other phases that we always say.  We believe that quality is our motivity.  Quality is important to our customers and us.  We promise that we must let our customers to think that the products of UN COMPANY.COM are good, no matter the quality and the appearance.  To fulfil this promise, we always try our best to make our products becoming the best.


UNCompany online shop: (for worldwide Business)

Tel: (852) 2893 3920, (852) 2833 9365
Fax: (852) 2893 3962

Office hour: 10:00am-7:00pm
Close on public holiday



If you would like to apply to become one of our Authorized Dealers, please send email to us with your details. We will get back to you with more details on becomming our dealers.

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If you would like an item we do not carry, let us know. Your suggestions are a great source of new ideas!

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If you have any technical problems about our products, or any modification problems. We will help you to the best of our ability.

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