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Catalog Accessories - Pistols\Hammer & Related
Name WII TECH (3049) TM MK23 (fixed) Steel Hammer 38323
Description WII TECH (3049) T.Marui MK23 (fixed slide) CNC Steel Enhanced Hammer
-Color: Black
-Material: Steel
-Made by precision CNC machines
-fit for T.Marui fixed slide version MK23 Gas pistol
-specially made for professional shooter and competition needs
-High precision dimension increasing shooting efficiency and reliability
-Dimension is modified for increasing sensitivity and reducing risk of misfire
-different dimension from the original T.Marui hammer
-Strengthed w/ Hardened Steel increasing durability and reliability
-Smooth surface finishing is used to reduce friction inside & improved smoothness of mechanical movement
Weight 35g
Price US$ 35.00

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