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UNC-KJ M9 (CO2) w/ Steel Slide & Hogue Lamo Camo Hardwood Grips Airsoft GBB Pistol

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Catalog BBs & Accessories\Other Accessories
Name Dytac MINI Tracer Unit (w/ Build-IN Xcortech XT301) 38229
Description Dytac MINI Tracer Unit (w/ Build-IN Xcortech XT301)
-Color: Grey / Black
-Material: Aluminum
-Able to upgrade with your own suppressor with this tracer unit
-High power UV LED techonology
-Battery good for 20000 rounds
-Can sustain the tracer function up to 35 rounds per second (2100 RPM)
-2 sided light source for optimal illumination
-Integrated motion sensor (auto On/Off / sleep mode(motion on))
-Built-in lithium battery
-Battery level indicator (Green / Yellow / Brown / Red light)
-Micro USB Charging
-5 minute charge can allow for up to 1,000 rounds
-Low power protection mode
-Only charge battery every 3 months when not in use
-Length :
-Diameter :
-Threads : 14mm CCW
***product not include charger cable ***
Weight 75g
Price US$ 89.00

Copyright (C) 1998-2003 UNCOMPANY ( HONG KONG ) All Rights Reserved


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