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UN Custom

UN Custom-S Style M&P9 (Flat Dark Earth/Black)

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Product Details

Catalog Parts\WII TECH Parts---Hong Kong
Name WII TECH (3238) KJ SP01 CNC Steel Bearing & Buffer Spring Guide 37979
Description WII TECH (3238) KJ SP01 CNC Steel Bearing & Buffer Spring Guide
-Color; Black
-Material: High Tensile Steel w/ CNC Processed
-Enhanced Spring Guide is made by precision CNC machined
-For KJ SP01 & Modified w/ Ball Bearing & Double Buffer
-Releasing Rotational Force from Spring During Recoil Action
-Forward Buffer Installed for Reducing the impact force between slide and trigger housing
-Backward buffer installed for reducing the impact force on trigger housing/lower frame & hop-up chamber
-Spring Guide is constructed with fore and aft parts which is designed for easy installation.
-Outstanding durability & smooth surface ensure smoothness recoil spring movement
-Minimizing Vibration During shooting & protecting multiple parts of SP01 from recoil action
Weight 27g
Price US$ 27.00

Copyright (C) 1998-2003 UNCOMPANY ( HONG KONG ) All Rights Reserved


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