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UN Custom-S Style M&P9 (Flat Dark Earth/Black)

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Catalog UN Clearance\Magazines
Name UNClearance-ARES 40mm Gas Cartridge (GC-003) 26541
Description UNClearance-ARES 40mm Gas Cartridge (GC-003)
Capacity: 80 Rounds 6mm BBs or 7 Rounds (0.43 Inch Paintballs)
-Material : Aluminum
-Length : 110mm
-Use CO2 Gas grenade high power (CO2)
-Fill baby powder into it and use it as a smoke grenade.
-For M203 Series Grenade Launcher / CAW Revolver Launcher / M79 / Mini Launcher etc..

**(Regional Restricted Products)**
Read Manual Before Use!
Weight 230g
Price US$ 35.00      was USD: 51

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